Client Remodel

Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses . . . let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1

We recently completed a remodel, while were patently waiting for our escrow to close the 8th of September. It took 5 week start to finish, 6 days a week.

We were approached by a client of mine’s mom asking if we could do a remodel over the summer, on a limited budget. We imminently saw the potential in this little house. It was dark, closed off, and dated.

There was a wall the separated the tiny kitchen from the rest of the house, we enforced the column’s that were there and Jim did custom casing on them. Turned out amazing the owner loved them!



Clean, open, and fresh

My bro, I love him so much, he has thee kindest heart, my earliest memory is him pushing me in a green stroller, racing me through the house. Jim has helped us on all our projects. He’s worked as a super intendant for Flint Builders for over 17 years, doing multi million dollar projects, so his little sisters are a piece of cake for him!

The ceilings….so much wood that these beautiful beams got lost, I wanted them to be special, so we ground them down, which was a messy, very hard, time consuming job, John did most if this. Then we hung drywall in-between, taped and textured, then painted. We mixed a special color of stain, wanted a weathered look.

Pendant lights from Ikea

Working with a small, old kitchen had some challenges, like the old ducting for vent hood could only be moved so far because of a header in attic, but Jim and John made it work.

We asked the owner if she wanted something more special than accordion closet doors, John and Jim went to a huge warehouse where they have a vast collection of unique doors, we choose these (I was on FaceTime) I stained them Jim trimed them out, put hardware on them and installed.

When doing a new kitchen, I love to throw in texture, these amazing, old planks were thee perfect touch for open shelving!

The fireplace….I’m so in love with the way it turned out, I immediately said, let’s do smooth white stucco, accent it with cement tile, re-do the old beam. It’s neat to envision something and watch it become reality.

The dinning room was green, with wood wainscoting, pure white, new light fixture all the difference

Dinning room Before

Dinning room Before


My Daddy came down to help for about 3 weeks, he demoed helped out so much.

It’s gotta get ugly before its beautiful.

Going all the way up with tile in a kitchen is important for a more dramatic, clean look.

I took the owner out for material sourcing, she chose a high quality laminate, 6 inch wide planks.

I love the reveal on the counters to be thicker than normal so we layered two pieces of plywood, the reveal is gorgeous!!

So proud of the work we did.

Best guys out there

This project was well thought out, that’s why we were able to do it so quickly, every night Jim, John and I would talk about what our game plan for the next day, Jim would make a punch list, we’d tackle it the next day. I would pop in and work when I could, other obligations such as kids, work, life, would pull at me, but the guys were there 8-6, 5 weeks, 6 days a week. Such great guys, love them so much.

More before and afters below: