House Remodel, Sedona And Bishop

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Proverbs 24:3-4

Hello finally found a morning to do a little blogging. I promised a house tour last post so here ya go, we have been in our new home 5 months now, in that time we gutted down stairs did a brand new kitchen new floors. and furnished the entire house. I absolutely love this house it has everything we’ve been looking for.

It took me about 3 hours at Lowe’s to design our kitchen, we kept the previous owners fridge and put a freezer in the island. I choose not to add uppers but do open shelving again, as I love the simplicity of reaching for dishes, putting away is so easy! We also framed in a huge pantry, so I didn’t need the extra space.

The kitchen was designed with the island being our main anchor, we do everything on the island, meal prep, crafts homework.

Luke and Esther helping auntie make cookies

Girls learning to bead with neighborhood friends

I needed to create a entry space for our “catch all” keys, wallets, sunglasses. I was out with my mom and sisters at a furniture consignment store, I came across this beauty, with a marble top. All I need for this space is an amazing Navajos rug to complete.

John wanted a leather distress tufted couch, for our front room, where I would have choose a white linen down filled cozy couch I gave in and let him win. On a Sunday we went and picked up the couch and scoured the town looking for two matching chairs to go opposite the couch.

What inspired me

Still looking for thee perfect coffee table, getting close to what I think will work in this space.
Oh the swing…I’ve been nagging John to hang it up for while, he thought of every excuse not to put it up, “It will hit the table”, “a swing in the house!!!” Finally he surprised me and just did it! We all love it so much I even swing in the middle of the day.
Our elementary school has a new principle this year, he has a no homework policy witch I’ve been wishing and hoping for, for a very long time! I just don’t believe kids should spend 6 hours at school then come home to be nagged to do their home work. I’ve seen John and Sage stay up till 1 super tired, frustrated about their homework. Not worth it in my opinion, kids need a childhood playing outside, doing sports, crafting, and reading!! We love our evening now, to be creative, read a book last night Sadie and I sat outside by the pool reading our own books, she looked over at me and said, “Mom I’m on my last page I don’t want this book to be over!” So sweet….

Clearly it was a huge hit!

The girls room is tiny we put a huge bunk bed in, and made the desk by the window, it’s a very functional room.

The builder used most the space in our room! It’s huge we have two big walk in closets, a finished attic, and a big bathroom.

When you come into my closet the lights turn on automatically and as you can see I don’t have enough clothes to fill it up, it wraps around the entire wall. All that was needed in this room was painting all builtins white, then added our hardwood floors.

Our bathroom is covered in marble floor to ceiling, at first we thought huh may need to rip it out, but honestly it’s grown on us

Sage’s bedroom feels cozy, has a bohemian feel.OK that’s it for house tour we have a big den that’s kinda stuck in the 90’s, so once we get started on that I’ll share. The backyard is really beautiful as well, I’ll post it soon.

Now onto this sweet boy thee newest family addition baby Ethan Hess! My brother Johnny and his wife Rachel’s third baby my second nephew, so in love.

I didn’t post much over the summer so here are two fun trips we took,

These four are my heart, the first night we got to Sedona we unpacked then took kids to a nice dinner, while sitting there John and I looked at each other thinking the same exact thought, “Wow look at our beautiful family” I had to wipe a tear away, because it was so true these beautiful, kind, humans that God gave us to raise, overwhelmed me.

It stared in 5th grade…….

Sage please don’t leave your momma!!!! We just look at each other and know what were going through wither were happy, sad, mad, we get each other, my beautiful daughter your price is far above rubies!

Sedona is truly a magical place, so many great hiking spots

Bubba, your sisters adore you and think everything you do or say is hilarious! Truth be told I do to. You have a great heart, a brilliant mind, put God first and you will be blessed1

Thank you Creator for my family!

To wrap summer up we took a fast trip to Bishop, Sage the girls, and her boyfriend Shea.

Papa took us shooting, he’s thee ultimate teacher making safety a first priority

Shea helping Chloe

A picture I’ve been in as a young girl many times in the Miwok Village in Yosemite now my three beauties

The Yosemite Falls frighting low when I was young we’d go to the falls and get drenched just standing on the bridge. Not any more.

Had a nice lunch with Grandma Cindy, love her

Made sure to visit with Grandma Joanna she’s so special to me and the girls

Floated the river momma and Jens went too very fun.

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of our life lately, Love you all Shirley